Thorough Sewer Repair & Drain Cleaning

Avoid potentially hazardous sewage backups in your home or business with sewer repair and drain cleaning from A-1 Company in Lafayette, Indiana. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we effectively remove clogs.
Kitchen Sink - Sewer Repairs

Sewer & Drain Services

Our technicians perform services that stop sewer and drain problems quickly. We also offer pre-purchase inspections. This gives you peace of mind and the information you need to make an informed and educated purchase decision.
Call us when:

• Your Toilets Aren't Flushing Properly
• There Is a Discharge of Gurgling Noises When Draining
• You Have Slow Drains (Kitchen/Bath)
• You See Raw Sewage in the Yard, Etc.


Our Customers Include:
• Homeowners
• Businesses
• Real Estate Management Firms
• Apartment Complexes
• Restaurants
• Realtors
• Investors & Much More

Customer-Driven Service

Save money on sewer and drain services from A-1 Company. We provide reasonable prices due to low overhead and purchasing practices, so we pass savings along to customers. Our company is community minded and has served the local community by making more than 40,000 service calls.

Contact us for sewer and drain services that clear away the problem and make your system efficient.